2018 – Year in Review

2018 was quite a year.  At different times, it was the best and the worst year of my life.  A lot happened, so hopefully writing down the highlights will help me to remember it all someday when 2018 is nothing but a distant memory.

We found out in January that my mom had cancer, so we spent the first part of 2018 worrying, praying, and waiting.  After what felt like forever, we finally got the good news that we had been waiting for.  My mom is cancer free!  I could not imagine a better feeling than getting that confirmation.

And things just kept getting better.

We started REALLY wedding planning in the spring after we got the good news about my mom.  We already had our date set for October 20, so we had quite a lot to do to get ready for the big day.  Luckily we found some great vendors and have amazing family and friends who made the whole process easier.

Having such a good support system really came in handy, especially when I got the opportunity to go back to the UK for some research in the summer.  Wedding planning had to be put on hold for a few weeks.  When you get the chance to travel abroad for research, you don’t turn it down!

I rented a bike and rode around some of London’s major parks with my favorite Londoner, Mandi, and her husband, Sam — it was so fun!

This was my first solo trip to the UK.  Corey and I went together last summer and explored a bit of Ireland (where we got engaged!) and England.  After Corey came back to the States I lived in London for a few months alone during my internship, but this summer was my first time making the whole trip by myself.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to go back.

I found some really good materials for my research and I fell in LOVE with Oxford.  I never thought anywhere could compete with London for the title of Lacey’s Favorite City, but Oxford comes dangerously close.

It’s hard to believe that someone drew these cute little flowers about 800 years ago — and even harder to believe that I’m able to hold and photograph such amazing bits of history. This manuscript is housed at Lambeth Palace Library.

I took advantage of being surrounded by British history in the UK: I did a fun History with Cats video with the folks over at Viral History (check them out @Viral_History on Twitter!), recorded a video on a pub haunted by a ghost cat with Dr. Estelle Paranque (see the video here) and visited with a pub cat who is known for his love of Elizabethan collars.

This is the Seven Stars pub cat — I highly recommend paying him a visit if you are ever in London

When I came back home and passed my comprehensive exams for my PhD program, wedding planning kicked into high gear.

I bought a wedding dress.

Everyone agreed — this dress was the one!

My mom and Corey’s mom both threw us two amazing wedding showers where we got to celebrate our engagement with the people who mean the most to us in the world.

I’m so lucky to have these two in my life!

And I had a super fun girls’ weekend with the best friends (and cousins) a girl could ask for.  I mean CHECK OUT those Beyoncé themed tank tops — they know me so well.

My first winery visit!

And after all this, the big day was finally here.  I posted a bit about our wedding here and I’m working on another post (or two!) to preserve all the memories from the day.  But suffice it to say, it was everything we had hoped it would be.

Lacey & Corey Wedding-363.jpg
Photo by Hannah Hicks Photography

After a hectic year, we decided to close things out by buying a house AND taking a trip to Iceland with a few of our friends the week before Christmas.  Why not end on a (slightly stressful but still amazing) high note?

Stay tuned for future Iceland and house-buying posts!

2018, you were definitely a year for the books.

Here’s to 2019!

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