Ireland Adventures (Part 3)

After messaging with an old friend about her upcoming trip to Ireland, I began to feel a little nostalgic about my own trip there last summer — and I remembered that I had long ago promised to blog the third installation of our Ireland Adventures.

You can find part one and part two here and here.

Also, if you recall, we did get engaged in Ireland, more of which you can read about here.

Obligatory proposal picture

Needless to say, we love Ireland.  Corey loved it so much that he actually decided to propose there when he had originally intended to propose in England.

We’re hoping to go back to Ireland (and maybe Scotland!) for our honeymoon at the end of this year.

So what did we love SO much about our time in Dublin?

Well, Corey definitely loved all the Guinness, which you can read all about in my second installment of this Ireland Adventure series, but that wasn’t the only awesome thing about this country.

It also has some really cool churches.

Okay, okay.  I know church architecture might not be for everyone.  But as someone who studies medieval history, church architecture is right up my alley.

(And Corey embraces tolerates my love of all-things-historical.  Probably because he spends the majority of his time day dreaming about Guinness.)

There are two main cathedrals that you’ll want to swing by in Dublin: St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral.

We walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral one morning from our hotel.  The cathedral was founded in 1191, so it was high up on my own list of must-sees.  It was a beautiful day, and we spent about 30 minutes in the churchyard, which is apparently a haven for Dublin dogs and their owners.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 10.56.40 PM.png
For the first time ever, I’ve had to steal a picture from the internet for this blog. This cathedral was way too massive for me to get a good picture of the entire thing with my little iPhone camera
See what I mean? It took every ounce of my photographic skills (or lack thereof) to get this picture. If I remember correctly, I was practically laying on the ground.


We had a great time watching all the dogs play with a beautiful old cathedral in the background, but we did have to put in a real effort to not get emotional about missing our own little guy.

TELL ME this isn’t the cutest dog in the world. No, actually, don’t tell me that. It would make me not like you very much.

The other cathedral in Dublin, Christ Church, is where a cathedral was founded around 1028 (ALMOST A THOUSAND YEARS AGO, GUYS), so obviously it made the list of must-sees, too.

Unlike the churchyard of St. Patrick’s, Christ Church is located in a pretty bustling and happening area.  Which means, of course, my attempts at photographing the entire cathedral resulted in a weird hatred of cars and stoplights.

But, you know what?  I think the mixture of old and new work well for Christ Church, and these actually became some of my favorite pictures from this day of the trip.

Look at those cute little European cars. And cloudy skies are sort of my thing, too, so this picture was destined to be a favorite
Some day I’ll care enough to put the time in and edit the brightness of my pictures. Today is not that day.

We found a cute little coffee stand and grabbed a few cups of joe to enjoy in the Christ Church churchyard while we admired the beauty of the cathedral.


Coffee makes good things even better.

This picture is just the right mixture of old and modern, in my own humble opinion

Coffee + amazing architecture = a very happy Lacey.


I mean, just LOOK at this place


The homeless Jesus sculpture was a fun surprise that just added to the coolness of this cathedral

We’ll definitely be visiting both of these sites again when we return to Dublin in the future.  Since we were only there for a few days, our time was pretty limited and we had to be careful with how we spent each and every moment.

I would consider our time at both of these places as being time well spent.

I’ll be posting at least one more Ireland Adventure installation before moving on to some posts on England.  I still have a very fun medieval pub, some pretty spring Irish flowers, and a few more engagement pics to share before I’m ready to leave the Emerald Isle behind — for the next few months, at least.


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