Life Update

It seems like just yesterday I wrote this post about getting back into blogging.  But it’s actually been way longer than that.  I keep returning to my old posts when I need to look up an old recipe, but I haven’t been great at posting many updated.  In fact, I’ve been off my blogging game for a little over a year.

And oh boy has A LOT happened in that year.  For starters, I finished up with my course load in my PhD program (I’m officially moved on to the comprehensive exam prep stage! woohoo!), I spent the summer doing an internship in my favorite city in the world – London, and Corey proposed during a trip to Dublin!


Like I said, a lot has happened.

When life gets super busy, it’s always easy for me to get caught up and forget all about blogging.  But this is actually the time that I need to keep up with blogging.

I’m in love with this time period in my life, and I don’t want to forget it.  27 has been one heck of a year, and I want to have these memories to look back on when I’m 87.

So instead of posting mostly recipes (which I will obviously continue to post!), I’m also going to try to put a little bit more of “me” into this blog.  Prepare yourselves for travel posts about my summer spent in England, my super-stressful wedding planning experiences, and my typical life as a PhD student preparing to (hopefully) enter the dissertation-writing phase of the PhD journey.


I might even try to add in a few fashion posts here and there.  I’ve been trying to up my fashion game since I became a world traveler and acquired a shiny new piece of jewelry to show off.


I hope you’ll follow along on the ride!


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