The Day Begins after Coffee


As a morning person, one of my absolute favorite things in the world is starting off my day with a big cup of coffee.  Although it may sound cliché, there’s just something really nice and relaxing about sitting down with my morning coffee while the rest of the world keeps on buzzing around outside.


But don’t get me wrong.

To me, coffee isn’t just for the morning.  I really could drink coffee all day every day.  It’s always nice to have a caffeine pick-me-up between classes or while grading student assignments.

I love shopping around for different flavors of coffee (my local T.J.Maxx usually has a really great selection), but there’s one particular type that I always have around: Gevalia’s Chocolate Mocha

Chocolate + Coffee = Love

This coffee really does have some great hints of chocolate and it smells FABULOUS.

Just opening the bag and smelling this coffee starts my mornings off on the right track.

I usually make my coffee in this trusty 12-cup coffee maker, but Corey gave me a great little French Press for my birthday this year so I’ve been trying to use that more often, too.

In fact, even though it’s mid-afternoon, I’m enjoying a nice cup of Gevalia’s chocolate mocha coffee right now via my French Press.

Now it’s time to get back to some class-prep since school starts back up again next week.

Are you a coffee person?  Do you have a go-to type of coffee?  Or a particular method that you prefer?


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  1. At home I usually brew myself a small pot of Bigelow Earl Grey tea in the morning. The hot tea lets me enjoys something warm without the inevitable buzz I get with coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee! But i drink it more as a treat since the caffeine usually keeps me up late no matter when I drink it, ha ha ha.

    1. laceynoel77 says:

      I may have to give that a try a couple times a week to lighten up my caffeine overload. I’m a big tea fan too and usually have decaffeinated tea every evening, but I may have to start giving it a try in the mornings here and there instead of coffee. I’m a big Bigelow fan!

      1. Cool! I have a small Japanese-style teapot that holds about 2 cups of water. I just let 2 bags steep in the full pot for a bit and it keeps the tea nice and warm as I sip at it. Hope you enjoy yourself!

      2. laceynoel77 says:

        That sounds lovely! I’ll definitely be trying that 🙂

  2. Masala Vegan says:

    Tea person here 😀 Chai being an all time favourite

    1. laceynoel77 says:

      I do love some Chai! Especially in the colder months!

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