Spin-ana Pineapple Smoothie

Corey and I make smoothies a couple days a week as a quick and easy (and yummy) way to get some extra fruits and veggies into our diets.  Ever since my parents gifted me a Nutribullet for Christmas back in 2014, we’ve been having fun trying out different recipes.

Our go-to recipes usually include spinach (or kale!) and banana (hence my newly minted word “spin-ana”), but we like to change up the other ingredients to keep things exciting.

Here’s last night’s recipe for our Spin-ana Pineapple Smoothie.  This recipe makes 2 smoothies.



A half cup of freshly washed organic spinach

One sliced banana (sometimes we slice and freeze ours in baggies so they do double duty as banana chunks and ice cubes)

About one cup of freshly sliced pineapple

A handful of almonds

About two cups of skim milk (or to fill line of the smoothie cup)


Throw all of these ingredients together into the smoothie cup, shake to loosen spinach, attach the blender, and blend for about 30 seconds (break up the blending into 3 ten second rounds, letting the blender rest between rounds for a couple seconds)


You can adjust the amount of any of these ingredients to suit your own tastes or nutritional goals.

Ready to go!

We love this recipe!  Do you have any smoothie recipes you’d like to share?  We love to try new ones!


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