Series: This Old House, Part 1: Introduction

This is a new weekly (or so) series that I’m going to add to the blog about the renovation progress of the house I’m living in.  The house was built right around 1900 and my grandmother purchased it in the 1990s for my uncle and his friends to live in while they attended a nearby college.  After they moved out, the house hadn’t been lived in by anyone for 20 years

…until we moved in this summer.

Before we could actually move in, we spent the winter and spring doing extensive renovations and updates to the house.  With a WHOLE LOT of help from my parents and Corey’s parents, we were able to get the house move-in ready within about 5 months.  Luckily this timed up with when our lease expired on our old apartment, or else we would have been scrambling to find somewhere to live!

The house was filled with stuff when we first started working on it, so we spent the first couple of visits just clearing it out so we could even begin on the renovating.

The two rooms that are now our living room and sitting room
Part of our dining room and staircase (one of my favorite parts of the house)
Look at all that glorious, 1970s orange carpet

We were set on ripping up all the carpet and using the original hardwood floors (which are in surprisingly good condition), so that was our first big project.

And boy was it a project.

This was BY FAR the longest, most miserable part of the renovation process – at least for me

We’re done with all the big stuff now…and surprisingly we survived.  Most of the work we have left to do is cosmetic.

It’s still a work in progress, but we absolutely love it.

My grandma is letting us have pretty free reign over the design choices, and – best of all! – she’s letting us live here rent-free.

Here’s a sneak peak at how the house was looking last week, when it was still decorated for Christmas. 🙂

Look at those floors!

This series will be dedicated to tracking the work we’ve done on the house so far and the progress that we’ll make with future projects.  I envision the series focusing on one room or type of renovation each week, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m hoping this will be a good way for readers (and hopefully my grandma!) to keep up with the house and its ever-evolving fabulosity.

[Thanks again for letting me live here, grandma!  You’re the best!]

Have you tried your hand at any home improvement projects?  Share in the comments below!


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  1. You did a beautiful job on the floors. You picture of how the house looks now is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more of your renovations.

    I rent a small place and I’ve recently did a bit of work in the living room so far. I can’t do much since it isn’t my place, but I managed to rip out old, icky carpet and lay some tile.

    1. laceynoel77 says:

      Thank you! The floors were pretty horrible to work on, but they look 100% better now than they did before. It’s always nice to get rid of old, icky carpet but as I’m sure you know, it isn’t much fun! 🙂

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