Starting This Up Again

Hello everyone!

I’ve really been slacking with this blog for the past year.  But no worries!  I’m planning on starting it back up again.

A lot has changed since I was last blogging.  First of all, the boyfriend and I added another furry member to our little collection:  we adopted a dog!

He is an awesome little guy who definitely makes my day better just by being himself.  I feel like I’ve found my soulmate in the form of a dog!

His sister, Brutie, is also a big fan.

Snuggle time!
Snuggle time!
Their Deck-Lookout
Their Deck-Lookout

Brutie loves being around Tucker.  When we put him in his crate when we have to leave them home alone, Brutie sleeps on top of it so he won’t be too lonely.  Even though they usually get along great, Brutie still likes to knock him around a little bit when she can (she’s a bully).  But we still haven’t ever heard Tucker so much as growl at her, so he must not mind it too much.  🙂


I’ll be adding another post soon to update you all on the rest of this year’s exciting updates!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. They’re so cute and so close, it’s lovely. 🙂

    1. laceynoel77 says:

      Thank you! They definitely love each other!

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