Crafty, Crafty, Crafty

Well, I’ve been bitten by the DIY bug! My first mission: re-cover some pillows. I found two Christmas-themed pillows at Kroger on clearance the day after Christmas for $3. And since Santa and snowmen aren’t “in” all year round, I thought they’d be my perfect guinea pigs for this new design quest I’ve embarked on. I assumed I’d have to do some sewing (which I don’t know how to do haha) so I went into Hobby Lobby to look for some fabric. I knew what I wanted: coral Chevron. On my way around the store, however, I stumbled onto the pillow case section and there it was!!!!!! Some coral Chevron pillow cases that required no sewing! (I now have a new appreciation for zippers) So of course I grabbed two and voila! New pillows! I made my boyfriend help me stuff them into the cases right there in the parking lot! I LOVE them!


I took them to my apartment last night and they look great in my living room! This is my first chevron item in my apartment, but it won’t be the last!



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