The Adventures of a Cat Lady

So I’ve kind of been a self-proclaimed CatLady for the past few months. I found a stray back in October that I REALLY wanted to keep, but my apartment and my boyfriend’s apartment don’t allow pets and she was QUITE the meower so we had to find a home for her. We gave her to a woman who lives nearby and has an eight year old daughter, so I’m sure she’s in a happy home now! After many tears, I decided I wouldn’t try saving any more strays until I had a pet-friendly apartment next year. But, sure enough, my plans didn’t work out. I found another stray about three weeks later and fell in love again (sigh). She’s sweet but spunky and has quite an attitude when she doesn’t want to be played with, but that just makes me like her more. And here’s the great thing about her: she doesn’t meow! On the rare occasion that she does, it’s very quiet and cute, so it’s okay. So here she is: everyone meet Brutie! We thought she was a boy at first, so we named her Brutus after the Ohio State mascot. But after a trip to the vet, a name change was necessary. We love her to death! She’s not feeling well right now though, so a trip to the vet is in order. Updates soon!




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