The Day of the Wisdom Teeth

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t written for a while, but I have a good excuse! I had to have my wisdom teeth removed 😦 I was hoping to keep them, but of course they decided to all come in sideways so that wasn’t really an option. And to top it all off, I have a strange reaction to Novocaine which has always caused me to swell a little extra with dental work, but this time it made my face look like I was storing walnuts in it for a warehouse of winter food. Aside from the swelling, the doctor was great and the nurses made me feel right at home! I don’t remember much of the first four hours after the surgery, but my boyfriend luckily (ha) videotaped my stay in the recovery room. Let me tell you, even with drugs in my system I still have some PRETTY amazing dance moves. Anyway, I’m recovering well, aside from randomly falling asleep while on this pain medication. No worries though, I will definitely not be operating any moving vehicles for the next few days haha I included a picture of the swelling on the third post-op day, and also a picture that my oh-so-loving boyfriend decided to Instagram of me during one of my unintended medicated naps. If any of you have yet to get your wisdom teeth taken out, good luck! Stock up on slim fast shakes to replace your meals for a day or two – they taste great and fill you up! Good luck!




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